Why Should We Avoid Chinese Crackers in India?

Why Should We Avoid Chinese Crackers in India

Avoid Chinese Crackers in India

Avoid Chinese Crackers India – In the recent days, trading of Chinese crackers in Indian market is banned completely. Chinese crackers are not allowed to be used by Indian people. This was the decision officially made by the Indian government in order to protect its people from the hazardous celebration. In spite of strict rules and regulations made by the Indian government, Chinese firecrackers are imported unofficially by the smugglers for sale in India. Most of the people in India are unaware about this awful happening and are pulled to buy those firecrackers. We know that most of the people of India love to have good quality products at low rates. Since the Chinese firecrackers are from China, people believe that it is of very good quality. The cheap price is the key attractive element of the prominent Chinese firecrackers. The belief of people is also considered as their advantage of selling goods in India.

Why Should We Avoid Chinese Crackers in India - Fancy Crackers

How Chinese Fireworks are made?

Chinese started to manufacture fireworks from about 2000 years ago in 202 BC. Actually, it was an accident which happened by a cook in China. Unknowingly, he mixed the Potassium nitrate and Sulfur along with some charcoal. As a result, bursts of fire came out when the mixture is compressed in a box. Potassium nitrate is a chemical which has the ability to make things burn and explode. Coming to Sulfur, it gives out spraying of fires with rotten egg smells. Charcoal has the nature of burning on lit.  This finally led to the invention of firecrackers. Then on, firecrackers are burst for different events in their own society. People believed that the fireworks have the tendency to blow off the evil spirits around them. Thereby it is also believed that unnecessary fights between the different people groups are avoided. So, they celebrated every festival with a bang of firecrackers.
After some centuries, the making methodology of Chinese firecrackers changed a little bit. What they did was is the stuffing of bamboo tubes, which they followed, and threw into the fire. The immediate consequence is the explosion of fire with bright sparks and smokes. Further generations made betterment s to the manufacturing techniques for attaining different color sparks, boom sound, shapes, smokes, etc. After the introduction of black powders in the 14th century, Chinese began to use black powder for Chinese fireworks like bombs and rockets. Black powder consists of a mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur.

Why Should We Avoid Chinese Crackers in India - Garland Crackers
After the 17th century, dynamites are also used in firecrackers. Although so much had been done to the fireworks, colors were not that much bright. During the 19th century, Aluminium and magnesium were introduced which Chinese tried using in their firecrackers. But that increased only some of the brightness of the firecrackers. Chinese were not satisfied with the appearance of the sparks. Soon, the fireworks are used in various places of Europe like Germany, Italy and so on.
Other chemicals used include flash powder which contains the mixture of potassium chlorate, sulfur, and aluminum. Stars are the special type of elements which burns to provide heat and also coloring agents are included in the production of Chinese fireworks in order to provide fantasy colors into space. Sugars are also used to get smoke. Oxidizers are highly reactive compounds which contain chlorine which has the ability to readily react with copper, strontium barium, etc. The former said elements along with coloring agents and black powder are mixed and used with Chinese firecrackers. Chinese fireworks are made in a good manner for use by people at first.

Handling of fireworks

With the development of potassium chlorate by a French chemist Claude-Louis Berthollet, Chinese planned to use it in their set of firecrackers. The specialty of the chemical potassium chlorate is that it can give birth to various colors with great intensity. All over the world people started to use firecrackers by 20th century for their auspicious celebrations. In the early years of 20th century, during the independence of various nations was celebrated with fireworks. On the flip side, some thousands of people in China were also injured of firecrackers. Official permission for fireworks was given by the Federal and state governments in 1930. Around the years from 1900 to 1930, many have been exposed to severe injuries by using the toxic Chinese fireworks. People burst firecrackers on the streets, terrace and nearby public places like schools, hospitals, etc. Consequently, many died and also got injured. For the security and safety of people, the government made efforts in bringing about awareness among the society.  Hence, classification of firework products took place with three major categories.

Fireworks are classified as Class A, Class B, and Class C.

Class A includes the explosives with dangerous chemicals like dynamites and TNT which are notable for being careful to handle with. Generally, these fireworks are used for Military applications. Class B includes fireworks for higher authority and professional use. For defense mechanisms and for common entertainment activities the above collections of firecrackers are used. Class C contains the set off firecrackers which are allowable for use privately. It depends on the country or state to decide on the use of fireworks. Mostly this classification is followed on a large scale. There are also cases where many states allow class A and class B for private use. But hazardous fireworks are strictly prohibited from use by the government. The most important factor in making of fireworks is safety. Even the factories of firework manufacturing are full of security in order to protect working people as well as intruders. Some of the protective coverings include electric fences, gates, and doors. Inside of factories, many precautionary items are kept for safety. Illegal selling of fireworks is also done in many places which had led to several deaths and injuries. Such a cruel activity is practiced in India by smugglers for money. Many fireworks are got at low rates from China and also sold at very low prices.

Why Chinese Crackers are Harmful and Avoided in India?

In India, especially in Tamil Nadu, manufacturing of fireworks is taking place at Sivakasi. Large amounts of fireworks are manufactured by different factories in Sivakasi and are sold all over the country. Even online booking and purchasing facility of firework products from Sivakasi is available for the customers. Sivakasi is famous for its ample variety of firecracker manufacturing and sale. But in the recent years, the sale of Sivakasi fireworks that is our Indian firework sale has fallen greatly. It was not realized at first and the government took steps to find out what was the fault.


The ultimate answer to it was the sale of Chinese fireworks which were brought illegally and sold in India. Investigations are carried out leading to complete examination of the happening. As a result of the investigation, shocking information was found out. Chinese firecrackers are made out of potassium chlorate which is highly hazardous. Chinese fireworks are mostly not wrapped in a perfect manner and hence leak possibilities are high.

Even a small spark of fire will make a blast in a second since potassium chlorate is very sensitive in nature. Potassium chlorate is very low in cost for about 50 rupees per kg. Due to low cost, potassium chlorate is vastly used in Chinese firecrackers. For marketing firework products, low price thus becomes an easy trick for smugglers to grab customers. Innocent people don’t know the seriousness of the chemical and are buying it regularly.
The Central government on knowing the facts of Chinese Firecrackers banned it in India in 2014. But secret plans and smuggling activities are taking place in many places in India. Due to which Chinese fireworks are bought at low cost by the people from illegal sellers. As a consequence, original Indian firecrackers are not marketed goodly among the populace. Last year, even though it was Diwali time, Sivakasi firework sales were not so good. Loss of about 2500 crores was estimated after the account of Diwali. It was a major breakdown for all the industries in Sivakasi. At the same time, there was an abundant heap of fireworks sold all around India. It was really a terrible happening and a great degradation of the economy of India.

How to Avoid Chinese Crackers India?

As a good citizen of India, one should know to differentiate between our Indian product and Chinese firework product. Indian Product will have the manufacturer name with complete address. Also, the product cost of India is costlier than Chinese. Indian people try to buy goods at low prices. The government is taking necessary steps in avoiding Chinese crackers in India by periodic checking and investigating import and export products. Trading is an important activity of India in increasing the wealth of the nation. But the major drawback is the lack of surveillance and security management in some areas of India. The illegal criminals find their way through those loopholes for their business.
The government has seriously engaged itself in prohibiting the offensive action. Recently, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and Customs department have got a huge bulk of illegal imports to India. At the end of the checking, it was found to be imported from China. In spite of banning Chinese fireworks, the quantity seized was very excessive than got during the last year. It was completely shocking for the officials of Customs department as well as for the citizens of India. Although the government is taking steps in its own way, we need to be careful with our own safety. Smugglers are increasing day by day, so it is our duty to be cautious in buying products.
In order to create awareness, several videos, and pictures of the effect of Chinese crackers has also been released. An easy way of finding the difference through the naked eye is with the burst. Chinese fireworks bang faster and with a louder sound than our Indian fireworks. That is because of the toxic perchlorates and potassium chlorate used which is banned in India. Every year hundreds of people die due to the burst of fireworks and hence various laws were formulated for the use of fireworks. Low cost, the big bang, and product manufacturer are the evidence of Chinese fireworks. Try to avoid using Chinese fireworks because it has killed thousands of people. Toxic materials used in those fireworks are high in amount. If you find any Chinese product try to avoid it and choose Indian product at any cause for wonderful celebration. Choose Indian fireworks for having a fun filled experience and an awesome celebration.

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