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CHRISTMAS, Day of Good News

Christmas is a day of Joy for mankind and it was on that night the Good News of birth of Jesus has happened. It was more than 2000 years before and in the small village of Bethlehem in Judea, Jesus was born. Though there are arguments on the exact date, 25th December is celebrated as Christmas day, in most part of the world. On the midnight of 24th December, birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated in churches and continued on day of 25th December. It is the remembrance of that holy night when God came to this world as a baby, to live in this earth, redeem mankind and show the way for eternal life. It is the biggest celebration of love, peace and joy, all over the world. All the elements of Christmas celebrations are based on certain themes and signs to bring joy, enlightenment and happiness to mankind.

Christmas Tree - About Christmas Celebrations - Christmas History - Christmas Information - Christmas Pictures - Christmas Musics

Historical background

Mary and Joseph

Israelites, the selected people of God were waiting for years together for the birth of Messiah, in mightiness as the King of Kings. During the first century BC in Israel, John the Baptist was prophesying the coming of Jesus, preached to repent and baptized those who believed and accepted. A nobleman named Joseph lived in Nazareth, who was a carpenter. He was betrothed with a pious and immaculate Mary, leading a Godly life as daughter of Joachim and Anne. Gabriel, the God’s angel told Mary about her miraculous conceiving by the power of Holy Spirit without human contact. Knowing this, Joseph had planned to separate her secretly, but he was convinced by Angel of God and finally decided to be the foster father of Jesus, with Mary as mother. At that time, King Herod ordered to all citizens to reach their respective birth place to register for census. For this, Joseph and Mary travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

King of Kings is born

On reaching Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph searched house after house for a shelter to give birth to Jesus, but they could not find. Finally a good man offered his cattle shed for the delivery. The baby was born in that stable in a manger and this world welcomed Jesus as peasant of peasants amidst the cows and goats. The Good News of the birth of Savior Jesus was proclaimed by angels of heaven to shepherds grassing their cattle, nearby. Hearing the news of birth of Jesus, three Kings from south started travelling in their camels with the guiding light of a Comet. When the comet reached the palace of King Herod, they visited him and conveyed the news. Herod was in great anger on hearing the news of a mighty king’s birth, discussed with his scholars to find the predicted place of birth and they read out it as Bethlehem.
With the plan to kill baby Jesus, Herod told the visiting kings to come back and inform about the baby so that he could offer his respect. The Kings continued their journey, with the guiding light of comet; they saw it come above a stable where baby Jesus was found in a manger with Mary and Joseph nearby. They offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh and paid their homage. On that night, they were advised by angel of God, not to go back to Herod, since he was planning to kill the baby. They obeyed the angel and took different route to their place. Since the kings did not return, Herod became angry and ordered to kill all babies below the age of two. However this cruel thought of Herod was told by angel of God to Joseph in advance and asked him to take mother and baby to Egypt, where they lived until Herod’s death.

Christmas Celebrations Around the world

Christmas is a celebration of stars and lights. Preparation for Christmas begins from early December in many parts of world. However in United States, Christmas purchase begins immediately after Thanksgiving day, which is third Thursday of November. Everyone decorates their houses with illuminated and colored stars, depicting the comet that showed way to three kings. Beautiful Crib sets are made out of special grasses, bamboo etc., with dolls of cow, goat, camel, three kings, shepherds and small statues of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and angel are installed. It is done for bring visual impact of birth of Jesus. Decorated Christmas trees, resembling pine tree with lights and gifts are installed in houses and churches. Before Christmas, we can see church Carols moving from house to house to their members’ houses and singing Christmas songs. This is to commemorate the singing of angles to the shepherds, about the good news of birth of baby Jesus.

Christmas History - About Christmas Celebrations - Christmas Information - Christmas Pictures - Christmas Musics
We can see Santa Claus, a very old man with whitish beard and moustache, dressed in red color with cap moving with the Carol troupe, greeting all and giving sweets. This is a tradition followed from later years, for the happiness of children. Use of Crackers starts with a bang at the churches at mid night of 24th December, denoting symbolically that baby Jesus is born. Followed by this, kids will have the excitement of sparklers and crackers and cake cutting in their house. Morning of Christmas day begins with delicious breakfast with sweets, grand lunch and celebration all along with distribution of cakes and greetings among families, friends and neighbours. Nowadays certain families practice visiting orphanages and old age homes, offer sweets and cakes as a sign of sharing happiness. Celebrations continue till New Year day, on which ‘offering of baby Jesus’ in Church is remembered and in some countries it is on 6th January.

Merry Christmas to All – Christmas Greetings from Fireworks Store

Birth of Jesus divided human history into two, period before Christ (BC) and period after Christ (AD). His birth is celebrated all over the world as the day of Joy, Peace and Prosperity. Christmas is the biggest day on earth when the Creator was born in this world to save this mankind. Jesus was born in unimaginable simplicity; He loved and healed the poor, sinners and the downtrodden, followed what He preached and led a simple life.

Merry Christmas - Christmas Greetings from Fireworks Store - About Christmas Celebrations - Christmas History - Christmas Information - Christmas Pictures -Christmas Musics

Jesus wants us to follow His exemplary life and be prepared to receive Him in His second coming to this world. In this advent period starting from last week of November, Church calls all of us to open our hearts and receive the baby Jesus, which is achieved by being merciful to others and by purity of heart. So let us all prepare ourselves to celebrate this Christmas, in its true sense of Love, Peace and Joy for all.

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