Diwali Festival Crackers Gift box for a Family

Diwali Festival Crackers Gift box for a Family

Diwali Crackers Gift box for a Family

Crackers Gift Box is a package for a family or a general group. It is available as a wholesale or an individual pack. Instead of buying crackers one by one for any occasion it can be got as a single package containing all the crackers in one bag. Now let us see how it is done and when all these started to happen?

Diwali Festival Crackers Gift box for a Family - Gift Pack

History of Crackers

Crackers or fireworks are made up of gunpowder, papers, paper boards, tubes and cotton threads inside it which are bulging out so as to light it. The making of firecracker started with China in the 7th century. That is the period when people invented gunpowder’s for blasting. That eventually lead to the development of crackers for celebrating their cultural festivals. The crackers are first invented for ground firing then they started to blow it into air also. That was called to be rockets. The main inspiration for the invention of rockets is their belief. They believed that bursting of fireworks would get them away from bad spirits and evil happenings. Thus leading to glory and wealth of the country.

Following that many other countries began to start inventing different types of fireworks depending on their creativity. Their innovation was tremendous and magnanimous. After few centuries it became the tradition for most of the countries to light crackers and burst it with fun. This is how the fireworks came into human life.

Are There Varieties Available with Fireworks?

Yes, it is Cracker means a thing which is designed to burst out with loud sound. It is referred as cracker since it cracks out of an enclosed box with papers congested in it. Generally, crackers are of different sizes and shapes. The differentiation is also based on the type of bursting it undergoes. That is burst can be in the form of smoke, flames, twinkles, sparks and of course with noise. There are different varieties of crackers. They include sparklers, twinkling stars, flower pots, ground chakkars, cartoons, snake tablets, color matches, color torch matches, kit kat, bijlis, chorras, etc. All these crackers blooms with many colours like blue, silver, green, yellow, red, etc.

Crackers are used as a major element in celebrating any occasion. The occasion may include all festivals of different religions, any political celebration, marriages and also for other cultural religious purposes. Especially crackers are the essential and the most widely used for enjoyment during Diwali in India and for Christmas in other foreign nations.

Available as Gift Box

The crackers which are available in the market can be bought by providing money. The fireworks can be got as whole from whole sale market. Also the crackers can be got in small boxes depending upon our requirement which is called as Gift boxes. Gift Packs are designed to fulfill the people’s enjoyment and fun. Gift Boxes are available in different rates ranging from 200 rupees to about 10,000 rupees. Above that the fireworks are got in big boxes.

Nowadays everyone has changed to the internet world even the fireworks can be got through online shopping. Traders from Sivakasi are selling their fireworks through internet. Not only the traders from Sivakasi but also from different districts of Tamilnadu. Each gift box is created for giving surprise to the people who buys it. Sivakasi is famous for this gift box sale. It is because the district of Sivakasi is famous for its fireworks. It is the district which involves in mass production of fireworks.

Special gift packs are available in online shopping by Sivakasi traders. Those include

  • Children festival fireworks
  • Youth festival fireworks
  • Thaalam festival fireworks
  • VIP festival fireworks

These gift boxes are now added recently in online. This was developed due to the great response from the buyers and also retailers.


In this gift box, there will be 24 different products and almost 100 pieces of fireworks will be present in a single box. This is mainly created for the kids to have fun and great celebration. So, it contains lots of color fountains and showers especially to attract them a lot. The fireworks also contain pictures of different superheroes and cartoons like Chota Bheem, BEN10, Spiderman, etc. This will make them to buy it with enthusiasm.


This was mainly created in order to satisfy the needs of the youngsters around everywhere. In this gift box, there are about 28 crackers that will have the associated functions for it individually. These fireworks produce more sound that will make the youth community crazy for it. These are the gift boxes which are sold to a great extent. Since these are being cracked everywhere for whatever festival being celebrated.


This festival contains nearly 40 different products in each box. For every box there are about 100 pieces of those different products. The specialty of this gift box produces different sounds of music. This can be used for all kinds of festivals. People of all age groups love to crack these fireworks into space.


VIP crackers are a combination of all types of fireworks. The different types which are coagulated are colors, sound and burst of joy. In this gift box, there are about 35 different products and it will contain more than 100 pieces in each one. They were mainly created and designed with the aim of displaying different colors in the sky.

Similarly there are different traders who are having different special gift boxes available on their website. Mostly this is done by the Sivakasi firework traders.


There are different packs for different prices. For instance if we take for Rs.750, these are the fireworks available in a gift box. They are

Electric sparklers           — 1 box

Color sparklers              — 1 box

Puppy chakkar              — 1 box

Twinkling star               — 1 box

Buffet bomb                            — 1 box

3 1/2 lakshmi cracker     — 1 box

2 1/2 kuruvi                             — 1 box

assorted cartoons           — 1 box

electric stone                  — 1 box

7″ Pencil                        — 1 box

28 chorraa                     — 1 box

Red bijili(100)                — 1 box

chota express                 — 1 box

snake tablet                    — 1 box

Roll caps                        — 1 box

judo matches                  — 1 box

super deluxe matches       — 1 box

This is the primary box sold. Almost all the types of fireworks are covered in this box. Fireworks Store also sells the Crackers Gift Box with varieties and you can buy crackers online.

If we double these products it is sold for about 900 rupees. Flower pots, Lakshmi Cracker, Chorras and Chakkars of different sizes are added to this list in that box. Each gift box contains 1 box of each type.

Similarly, there are different gift boxes available for money which is being doubled and doubled for each addition. So, depending upon the price the amount of crackers included will differ. All the giftboxes are designed for the purpose of having a enormous amount of joy.

Fireworks are the crackers which symbolizes the celebration of festival all around the world. So, such important thing can be given as in the form of giftbox by gifting. Giftboxes not only create surprises but also gives additional happiness and strong bonding among relatives.So, everyone can present giftboxes to their beloved ones to express their love and affection.

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