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Celebrations always begin and end with happiness. Firecracker is a joy-building element that offers additional enjoyment to every celebration of yours. But do we use firecrackers for all sorts of celebrations? Definitely not, only a few noteworthy celebrations hold fireworks as a part of it. Out of which, traditional festivals, marriage functions, parties and political meetings are worth to be mentioned. If you want to buy the best quality Sivakasi Crackers or Sivakasi fireworks at reasonable rates, Fireworks store is your perfect choice.

We, Fireworks store India, sell the finest range of original Sivakasi crackers. Sivakasi is pointed out because it is the land of firecrackers. It is the only district in Tamilnadu which manufactures firecrackers 24×7 all around the year. Even though many other districts in Tamilnadu manufacture fireworks, Sivakasi firecrackers are unbeatable in terms of quality. Now, let us see few other effective points to be kept in mind before and after buying Sivakasi fireworks. I hope so the forthcoming parts will offer you information more than you wanted to celebrate your occasions in a happy manner.

How Sivakasi turned out to be “The Land of Fireworks”?

In those days before independence, people of Tamil Nadu suffered from serious poverty and unemployment. So, people from our state began to travel to other states like Kolkata in need of livelihood. After gaining ample amount of knowledge in making matches, two men called P Ayya Nadar and his brother Shanmuga Nadar returned back to Tamil and incorporated the techniques in their own district. And, that’s how the two famous brands named to be “Ayyan” and “Anil” emerged. This act of the brothers motivated people residing at Sivakasi.

After few decades, the number of match industries doubled, tripled and finally reached 640 in 2001. This happened only because the field was more lucrative than other industries like weaving and all. And now, Sivakasi has become the pioneer in producing good quality fireworks in India and is known for it. Sivakasi crackers are trustworthy to buy and burst. Don’t get misguided by local merchants or Chinese fireworks, avail the best quality India made Sivakasi Crackers from “Fireworks Store India”.

Sivakasi Fireworks Online
Sivakasi Fireworks Online

Say ‘NO’ to Chinese Fireworks!

Firecrackers are not dangerous if the quality is good. When bursting crackers, at many instances you would have found out the crackers bursting out within a second. At some times, it would have even got you an injury in some way. Most of us generally ignore that and go for the next one. The hidden reason behind the scene is the poor quality. So, quality is an essential and the most important factor to be considered especially with Fireworks.

Even now, we have illegally imported Chinese fireworks in Indian markets which are absolutely dangerous to people because of its very poor quality. Only the innocent people like you are actually getting affected with Chinese fireworks and so your choice should be wise enough. You should be aware of the fact and develop the knowledge of differentiating things, particularly with fireworks.

Here is a page for you that describes “Why should we avoid Chinese firecrackers?” and I hope so that will give you the perfect idea behind your virtualization. Don’t get carried away with outer beauty, buy our India made fireworks to let your happiness bloom.

Follow these Safety Rules to have a Secured Celebration!

After purchasing all your favorite Sivakasi fireworks, the first thing to do is to keep it in a safe place. The place should be out of the reach of Children, not be close to any electrical appliances and should be kept covered tightly. This precautionary measure can help you and your family to feel safe & secure. Once you get ready to light the fireworks, you must see to that there is a bucket of water nearby to put the burnt fireworks inside. Whatever may be the situation you shouldn’t allow your kids to burst firecrackers alone. Stay with them to get rid of unnecessary fire injuries.

The above-said information is few main rules to be followed before bursting fireworks. There are quite a lot of dos and don’ts which when read will give you a clear idea on how to burst fireworks with safety. To have a knowledge on the entire list of safety rules to be followed to burst Sivakasi Fireworks, have a glance at this page – “Safety Rules to Follow on Diwali (Deepavali)“.

Buy Sivakasi crackers, Sivakasi Fireworks to Enjoy your Occasions!

Fireworks uncover the happiness & burst out your joy into colors. Starting from young to old, everyone loves to light firecrackers into the sky. Usually, when will we buy crackers online? Only before some celebration begin. It can be either a family celebration or a public occasion. Some of the common & the most occasions to be mentioned are Diwali, Inauguration, Temple festivals, Marriages and finally for political meetings. The only motive behind buying fireworks is to transform the celebration into more enjoyable & a fun filled one.

Buy Sivakasi Crackers Online
Buy Sivakasi Crackers Online

Whatever occasion you may buy for, the service should be acceptable irrespective of the season. Only the best fireworks can afford you the hearty happiness. To buy the best quality India made Sivakasi Crackers at any time and from any place within India, Fireworks Store India is your perfect option. With all sorts of fireworks at reasonable rates, we stand out to be the best fireworks provider in Chennai in terms of both quality and quantity. Our Major advantages are

  •    High Quality
  •    Unexpected Quantity
  •    All top brand fireworks available
  •    Cheap rates
  •    24/7 customer service
  •    Online shopping facility
  •    Easy payment system
  •    Right Time delivery

Fireworks Store India opens the window to a vast range of fireworks. Select your favorite and add to your cart with ease. Since we also have Cash on Delivery (COD) option for particular area, you can avail it as and when you require. If not, pay through the online system and get your product delivered at the right time to your doorstep. For more queries regarding purchase or availability, you can very well make a call to Fireworks Store Team at +91 7092863904. Buy original India made Sivakasi crackers from “Fireworks store India” to experience the pleasure of shopping from home. visit our Facebook Page “Fireworks Store” to get touch with us. Fireworks Store India Top rated on 4.8 / 5 from 17 Google+Reviews

Exclusive Online Fireworks Store Chennai India

Buy Firecrackers Online

Buy Firecrackers Online in Chennai | Diwali Crackers Online

Welcome to Fireworks Store – One of the best online cracker stores in Tamil Nadu to buy your crackers online.

Fireworks are the man-made elements to unveil happiness hidden within us. When do we use crackers generally? It’s obviously during some special celebrations where we express our joy through fireworks. Those fireworks can be bought from nearby petty shops and stores. But that is also possible only during the festive season. With the increased trends of our society, fire crackers can now be bought easily from online shopping sites. Buying firecrackers online is a great facility that enables the convenience of shopping from home. This is all because of the Internet which has grown to a vast extent throughout the world. On an average, about 60% of the Internet users are using smart phones for attaining their Internet needs. So, it is evident that online shopping is the best choice for buying fireworks online.

Buying Fireworks online via several shopping sites is completely based on a customer’s choice. Fireworks of several types and brands can be got at ease through online shopping. One attractive yet convenient package of firecracker is the Cracker gift box. Cracker gift box contains all the prominently used fireworks in one single pack. Majorly, individual cracker buyers are more benefited by these gift boxes. One of the leading online cracker stores in Tamil Nadu is the “Fireworks Store”. We have all sorts of Indian fireworks in stock at all times. Especially all the top brands of Indian crackers are available with us. We assure quality goods and comfortable customer service.

Want Gift Boxes or Gift Packs? Fireworks store is your choice

Want your crackers during the rainy season? Fireworks store does have the crackers for you all the time. We could notice that crackers are available in different categories but we are not pretty sure about the gift boxes. However, there are separate gift boxes also available according to the category of people. If it is for a family then family gift box is the ultimate choice. A family gift box has 2 to 3 sets of each cracker. Likewise, children gift boxes are also accessible in our Fireworks store. Children gift boxes are quite different as it contains cartoons like Chota bheem, Dora & Bujji, Tom & Jerry and other toy pictures printed on top of the boxes.

There is also a section for an adult which has trendy and noisy crackers inside. Gift boxes for girls are also available separately. All these gift boxes will be best in quality and are worth buying from our store. You can order your crackers just with a click away on the particular category. Bulk, as well as normal purchases, are possible with Fireworks store. Availability is the same throughout the year. For any queries regarding the availability or anything else, you can just make a call to 7092863904. We are here to help you out in buying quality crackers online. Do purchase from us and enjoy your day. Buy Crackers Online - Buy FireCrackers Online - Fireworks Store India

Get all the leading Brands of Fire Crackers at Fireworks Store India

Fireworks Store assures in delivering your ordered fireworks with good quality and at right time. You don’t have to worry about the quality because we have a 200% burst guarantee for the fireworks we afford. Customers are the backbone of the retailers. They are the building blocks of each and every business. Coming to the customer satisfaction, Fireworks Store does not compromise on quality or quantity. Only if a product bought is good, that shop will be remembered. Fireworks Store India is one such online shopping spot that provides complete customer satisfaction. Hence, our store is remembered in the hearts of many.  Fireworks Store has quite a large number of buyers who shop regularly from us. All this is because of our loyalty, good customer support, and honest service.

Fireworks Store is totally a user-friendly online cracker store. Anyone can buy from Fireworks Store India with ease and at affordable rates. There is no need of any women to call your neighbors for shopping anymore. You can buy crackers of your choice online at any time and from anywhere with our efficient shopping portal – Fireworks Store. On the other hand, there is no necessity for men to go outside for shopping. Instead, all the men can explore and buy the best online cracker from our Fireworks Store.

Fire Crackers – Special Offers and Incredible Discounts

Throughout the year, we are arranging for special and attractive offers for every season that help our customers save substantial money. In general, we have special offers for bulk buyers. For every purchase above 5000 rupees (INR), a discount of up to 10% is awarded. The discount percent differs for each 5000 rupee purchase. More and more you buy more the offers you get. The main advantage for bulk buyers is the free shipping facility. Best customer service is provided from order up to delivery. That is our major attractive element which drives people to come here again. One of the main highlights of Fireworks Store is the COD (Cash on Delivery) option for all the fireworks. Fireworks Store stands a step ahead in that parameter compared to other sites.

Some customers feel like buying individual cracker but are doubtful whether they’ll get the product or not. Fireworks Store does not disappoint customers even in that case. Fireworks Store opens the door for individual cracker buyers also. Online cracker store is a very good option for the working people. Those are the ones who run around the clock losing their precious time. Fireworks Store lends a hand for working people too in getting out of their discomfort.

Buy Crackers online without a hassle anymore!

Your wish is just a click away. Pick your favorite and click to buy online. You can even contact us at 7092863904 to place your orders for Sivakasi Crackers Online. Feel free to contact us and solve your queries. Response from Fireworks Store India will be given immediately and Orders will be delivered as soon as possible from the date of your order. Fireworks Store offers the easiest way to buy crackers online. Buying crackers online not only saves time but also the money. Buy crackers online with one of the best and friendly sites Fireworks Store to experience the feeling of contentment.

Buy Diwali Crackers Online – for Order – Click Here

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Author: Rajkumar Kanagaraj

Exclusive Online Fireworks Store Chennai India

Exclusive Online Fireworks Store Chennai India

Online Fireworks Store India

vedishop is now Fireworks Store India hassle free online Fireworks Store to buy crackers Online.

Fireworks Store India is an exclusive and extraordinary feature possessing fireworks store online. Fireworks Store India marks to be one of the best online fireworks stores in Tamil Nadu. A complete package of astonishing fireworks of various categories is available with our Vedishop fireworks store. Fireworks Store India is one of the famous fireworks stores which has links with the major and the most popular fireworks manufacturing industries. Vedishop online fireworks store avail wholesale and retail fireworks shopping with more easy steps. Cash on delivery and online payments are afforded to our customers for ease of access. Enter into our world of fireworks to experience a remarkable shopping.

Fireworks are made to explode into beautiful colors on the sky. The boom of fireworks with crackling sound gives real joy and happiness of using. Fireworks are of numerous types and are made with explosive chemicals and colors. Fireworks are fun filled products to burst and, on the other hand, are also equally risk to use. Hundreds of fireworks are manufactured on a daily scale. Fireworks Store India is an online fireworks store operating to serve people with finest quality and quantity based fireworks. Vedishop aims at providing good quality firecrackers for 24×7 hours all round the year.

Fireworks for Occasions

Fireworks act as an important and happiness creating elements in a function. There are varieties of fireworks available with Vedishop respective to the function. Festival celebrations are incomplete without the burst sound of crackers. Each festival has its unique importance. Vedishop comes up with all kinds of festive celebrations and also with other relational celebrations. Every firecracker is worthy bursting for any kind of function in the home as well as outside. Almost all the varieties of crackers are filled in separate boxes. Customer satisfaction is an important criterion which Fireworks Store India considers being very important.
Fireworks for different occasions are listed below.


Diwali, a grand festival of Hindu populace, is known to be the festival of lights all over the world. Fireworks are the main ingredients in proceeding with the event of the occasion. Everyone bind together during this festive time to share their celebration with their buddies. Fireworks are manufactured and sold on a large scale during Diwali. During this festival season, separate petty stores will be laid all over the city roads for sale due to its huge demand. Mostly the rates will also tend to be high comparatively.

Fireworks Store India will surely be a compatible online store for getting fireworks on your home door during Diwali time. Vedishop offers you with multiple facilities for availing fireworks. No need to worry about getting into the crowd for buying crackers. Buying fireworks online are made possible with Fireworks Store India – an exclusive online fireworks store.  Other than Diwali, many other festivals of various religions and customs celebrate their festivals with fireworks. Vedishop has fireworks available for all the day round the year. For Diwali alone, there are the additional set of boxes which are exclusive and newly arrived firework products.


Birthday is a very important day for any individual. Fireworks play an important role in birthdays also. Everyone loves to celebrate birthdays with fun all around. Fireworks add an extra beauty to the occasion. People of great popularity prefer to celebrate a birthday with big blockbusters. Vedishop is an ultimate destination for buying your favorite set of fireworks at affordable rates. Immediate response and customer service are an additional advantage with our Vedishop – an exclusive online fireworks store. In many areas of Tamil Nadu, especially, fireworks are burst for even death funerals. That is done as a tradition in order to send the soul of the dead person with happiness. Both the birthdays and death days are determined only by god. So, there are chances for firework demand in such cases. But No worries! Here is our Vedishop which helps you to buy your products from your home itself.


Marriage is one of the historical occasions in a family. Everyone connected with the marriage will be in great joy with new clothing, jewelry and lot more purchases which occurs before the marriage function. One of the most important purchases included in marriage is fireworks. Fireworks are exploded into the sky with mind blowing colors during the chariot round and also when the bride and bridegroom arrive at the marriage hall.

At sometimes there might be no stock of fireworks as per your need. But that will be not the case with Vedishop when it comes to fireworks. The fireworks store – Vedishop  Fireworks Store India has the best quality fireworks available exclusively for all the year. Vedishop offers you with the firework products as a package for marriages separately. There is no need for you to move to firework store for checking of the orders. Every purchase will be at your doorstep within 2 days of your order.

Temple Festivities

Numerous temples with crores of devotees are residing at Tamil Nadu. The frequent occurrence of festivities in temples is a common thing found in most of the areas. In the southern part of Tamil Nadu like Madurai, Tirunelveli the festival will prolong even for one month also. Every day the idol of god will be brought around for processions. When the god idol steps out from the temple for the procession, explodes of fireworks take place. During that time, the demand for fireworks is very large. The black sky will begin to glow with colors during those days of the festival. Fireworks Store India will offer fireworks exclusively for each festival with best customer service immediately. Fireworks Store India is one of the finest online fireworks stores and stands surely to be the best choice of purchase.

Public Celebrations

Apart from festive celebrations, public parties will be arranged by politicians and other celebrities occasionally. When the popular faces arrive at the occasion fireworks will be burst with all fun. Fireworks are even available for such celebrations as a discrete package in Anytime from anywhere, you can place the order in Fireworks Store India which is an exclusive online fireworks store. You will be acknowledged instantaneously.
There are lots of unique festivals and events which occur periodically over time to time. Whatever may be the difference in festivals the main aim is enjoyment. Fireworks are the providers of enlightened happiness. Fireworks range from small to big and also vary depending on the users’ choice. Vedishop provides you all the advantages of online booking and payment. Fireworks Store India is an exclusive online fireworks store for serving people on demand.

Popular Kinds of Fireworks

Fireworks are the major elements of the celebration of any event. Fireworks are several varieties each with individual features. There are fireworks which can burst, twinkle, create smokes and sounds. Every firework is special in its own way. Here are some of the commonly used fireworks available in the market.


Chakras are the round wheel-like structures with an explosive wound around the wheel in a paper. When the Chakra is lighted it will rotate with fires in a circle. There are different sizes of Chakras available in Fireworks Store India. Fireworks can be ordered both in bulk and as individual boxes.

Flower Pots

Flower pots are the cone-like structures having explosives inside. When the firework is lighted, the sparks goes up like a volcano. The scene will be delightful to watch directly. Flower pots are made in various sizes and also with different features. The features include colors, shapes, size and so forth options.

Fireworks Store India – Sparklers

Sparklers are long metal sticks with explosive chemical coating around it. Sparklers also vary with size, colors, sounds, crackling, etc. Children love to crack this firework called sparklers due to its amazing look. Best quality fireworks and sparkling crackers are available in Vedishop firework store online.


Bombs are the favorite fireworks of boys especially. The booming sound of the bombs makes way for a new start announcement to the crowd. Atom bombs are the famous ones. Atom bombs are also available with different sizes. Double sound bombs are also made nowadays. Fireworks Store India online fireworks store makes all kinds of bombs available for customers.


Blockbusters are the best of the whole fireworks family. Fireworks Store India affords the best of the best blockbusters for the customers. Even the names can be displayed on a burst of blockbusters. It will be really a good choice during marriages. Blockbuster fireworks of various designs are present in low prices online with good quality.

Rainbow Fogs

Fireworks creating smokes is a unique variety made for fun. Rainbow fog is a peculiar type of firework which creates smokes along with fire with little buzzing sound. Vedishop brings about all the rainbow colors on bursting. This particular firecracker is really amazing to look at with the beautiful colors. Along with this, snake tablets are also available which will grow into black snake-like ash on bursting.

One Sound / Two Sound

Firecrackers types are there which produces sound alone. One such kind is the one sound cracker or two sound fireworks which on lighting give single or double sound. It is a usual sound making firework commonly found in firework stores. Fireworks Store India has this variety of firework in different sizes with the best quality.

Garlands (Wala or Saram)

Garlands are the core cracker in celebration. It creates a loud sound continuously. Garland is called as saravedi or saram in Tamil. Small firework pieces called bijlis are joined together to make sarams. Saram is sold as 5000 wala, 10000 wala, etc. Garlands of all categories are made available for the customers at low rates in our online fireworks store. Garlands are also called as cakes since they are bind like cakes.

Exclusive Online Fireworks Store Chennai India


Rocket is one type of firework which takes off high into the sky when lighted. Usually, rockets will be kept in some stand and fired at the bottom. It goes all the way up to the top and bursts. It will lovely to watch it flying. Rockets of several kinds and with stickers are available at our online fireworks selling store at affordable prices.

Fancy Fireworks

Fancy fireworks are specially made for kids who love cartoons. Cartoons like Chota Bheem, Dora, Tom & Jerry, Ben10 and so forth kinds are very famous among children. In normal one sound and two sound fireworks, cartoon stickers are pasted for attraction by the small kids. Fancy fireworks are nice to burst and are somewhat safe for small children. Fireworks Store India sells small sets of fancy fireworks for sale through online bookings.

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes are a new type of firework set released by Fireworks Store India fireworks store for user-friendly shopping. When we make big surprises in small boxes, it will be really amazing and mind blogging. We present different sets of boxes individually for multiple cases. Boxes vary according to the rates you choose to buy. Firework boxes are similar to a sweet stall shopping where you get a single box with a different variety of sweets. Fireworks which when got through online are even more comfortable for the customers. vedishop Fireworks Store India is one such website of firework store with diverse features and fireworks with amazing offers for sale.

Fireworks for Different Kinds of People

vedishop Fireworks Store India provides ample amount of fireworks for sale readily at surprising offers. Cracker Boxes are available separately for each category with good prices. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab the best firework products on sale online. Offers are available only for limited periods. Here is a list of firework boxes for distinct categories of people.

Kids Box

Children are the most prominent users of fireworks on a big amount. They love to burst crackers with all fun. In our Vedishop fireworks store, crackers, especially for kids, are packed with stickers and gifts inside. Within the box, less harm fireworks like sparklers, flower pots, smoke producing crackers are kept. Minimum of two boxes of each cracker is kept in a single box. The price of kid firework box starts from 250 rupees and extends to some thousands. More the cost more will be the number of crackers in the firework box. Apart from which there will be a separate section in our menu for kids to choose the individual cracker you want to buy.

Youngsters Pack

Young blood of our nation is too enthusiastic and fun loving guys. Garlands and bombs are some of the highlighted liking’s of youngsters. Mostly sound making fireworks are loved by such people. A separate package of such sound producing fireworks are put into youngster box. This is to identify and distinguish with your lovable firecrackers for buying. Vedishop presents all the boxes at admirable rates. Also, individual selecting of fireworks can also be done as per youngster choice in independent columns provided.

Adult’s Pack

Distinct packages are available for people those who fall under the adult category. When age increases with the running years, the thinking of people and their respective behavior also changes accordingly. This happens even with crackers. Most of the adult people ranging between the years of 40 and above nowadays forget about bursting of fireworks. Days changed people and for those people, we have special kits of crackers to burst with great enjoyment. Fireworks Store India aims to satisfy all age group people belonging to different family generations.

Celebrity Box

Celebrity box is a huge pack of crackers with many fireworks inside. These boxes will be large enough to store more amounts of fireworks. Here there will be crackers of very high rates and will account for some thousands of money value. Celebrity functions including political functions, public parties can be arranged with our Fireworks Store India products. Specifically, if you want to search for firecrackers also, you can do it with our Fireworks Store India online firework store. First, come will be first served in any case but here with Fireworks Store India the mannerism is totally distinctive and user-friendly.
Using the advancement in technology, Fireworks Store India can also be accessed easily with the normal mobile phones for booking orders. The smooth flow of the process is executed for customer satisfaction. User-friendly operation accompanied with best customer service is our motto in every campaign. Interesting and unbelievable offers are waiting for your sight. Vedishop online firework store will act as a best shopping companion site during your hard times. Fireworks Store India offers high discounts during festive seasons for fast approaching customers. Also, depending on your choice of cracker, the discounts, and other value-added offers are given. Also, special offer for regular customers is one of the major highlights of the firework store. More you approach the more you will get benefited. Visit more to receive more from.

Why Should We Avoid Chinese Crackers in India?

Why Should We Avoid Chinese Crackers in India

Avoid Chinese Crackers in India

Avoid Chinese Crackers India – In the recent days, trading of Chinese crackers in Indian market is banned completely. Chinese crackers are not allowed to be used by Indian people. This was the decision officially made by the Indian government in order to protect its people from the hazardous celebration. In spite of strict rules and regulations made by the Indian government, Chinese firecrackers are imported unofficially by the smugglers for sale in India. Most of the people in India are unaware about this awful happening and are pulled to buy those firecrackers. We know that most of the people of India love to have good quality products at low rates. Since the Chinese firecrackers are from China, people believe that it is of very good quality. The cheap price is the key attractive element of the prominent Chinese firecrackers. The belief of people is also considered as their advantage of selling goods in India.

Why Should We Avoid Chinese Crackers in India - Fancy Crackers

How Chinese Fireworks are made?

Chinese started to manufacture fireworks from about 2000 years ago in 202 BC. Actually, it was an accident which happened by a cook in China. Unknowingly, he mixed the Potassium nitrate and Sulfur along with some charcoal. As a result, bursts of fire came out when the mixture is compressed in a box. Potassium nitrate is a chemical which has the ability to make things burn and explode. Coming to Sulfur, it gives out spraying of fires with rotten egg smells. Charcoal has the nature of burning on lit.  This finally led to the invention of firecrackers. Then on, firecrackers are burst for different events in their own society. People believed that the fireworks have the tendency to blow off the evil spirits around them. Thereby it is also believed that unnecessary fights between the different people groups are avoided. So, they celebrated every festival with a bang of firecrackers.
After some centuries, the making methodology of Chinese firecrackers changed a little bit. What they did was is the stuffing of bamboo tubes, which they followed, and threw into the fire. The immediate consequence is the explosion of fire with bright sparks and smokes. Further generations made betterment s to the manufacturing techniques for attaining different color sparks, boom sound, shapes, smokes, etc. After the introduction of black powders in the 14th century, Chinese began to use black powder for Chinese fireworks like bombs and rockets. Black powder consists of a mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur.

Why Should We Avoid Chinese Crackers in India - Garland Crackers
After the 17th century, dynamites are also used in firecrackers. Although so much had been done to the fireworks, colors were not that much bright. During the 19th century, Aluminium and magnesium were introduced which Chinese tried using in their firecrackers. But that increased only some of the brightness of the firecrackers. Chinese were not satisfied with the appearance of the sparks. Soon, the fireworks are used in various places of Europe like Germany, Italy and so on.
Other chemicals used include flash powder which contains the mixture of potassium chlorate, sulfur, and aluminum. Stars are the special type of elements which burns to provide heat and also coloring agents are included in the production of Chinese fireworks in order to provide fantasy colors into space. Sugars are also used to get smoke. Oxidizers are highly reactive compounds which contain chlorine which has the ability to readily react with copper, strontium barium, etc. The former said elements along with coloring agents and black powder are mixed and used with Chinese firecrackers. Chinese fireworks are made in a good manner for use by people at first.

Handling of fireworks

With the development of potassium chlorate by a French chemist Claude-Louis Berthollet, Chinese planned to use it in their set of firecrackers. The specialty of the chemical potassium chlorate is that it can give birth to various colors with great intensity. All over the world people started to use firecrackers by 20th century for their auspicious celebrations. In the early years of 20th century, during the independence of various nations was celebrated with fireworks. On the flip side, some thousands of people in China were also injured of firecrackers. Official permission for fireworks was given by the Federal and state governments in 1930. Around the years from 1900 to 1930, many have been exposed to severe injuries by using the toxic Chinese fireworks. People burst firecrackers on the streets, terrace and nearby public places like schools, hospitals, etc. Consequently, many died and also got injured. For the security and safety of people, the government made efforts in bringing about awareness among the society.  Hence, classification of firework products took place with three major categories.

Fireworks are classified as Class A, Class B, and Class C.

Class A includes the explosives with dangerous chemicals like dynamites and TNT which are notable for being careful to handle with. Generally, these fireworks are used for Military applications. Class B includes fireworks for higher authority and professional use. For defense mechanisms and for common entertainment activities the above collections of firecrackers are used. Class C contains the set off firecrackers which are allowable for use privately. It depends on the country or state to decide on the use of fireworks. Mostly this classification is followed on a large scale. There are also cases where many states allow class A and class B for private use. But hazardous fireworks are strictly prohibited from use by the government. The most important factor in making of fireworks is safety. Even the factories of firework manufacturing are full of security in order to protect working people as well as intruders. Some of the protective coverings include electric fences, gates, and doors. Inside of factories, many precautionary items are kept for safety. Illegal selling of fireworks is also done in many places which had led to several deaths and injuries. Such a cruel activity is practiced in India by smugglers for money. Many fireworks are got at low rates from China and also sold at very low prices.

Why Chinese Crackers are Harmful and Avoided in India?

In India, especially in Tamil Nadu, manufacturing of fireworks is taking place at Sivakasi. Large amounts of fireworks are manufactured by different factories in Sivakasi and are sold all over the country. Even online booking and purchasing facility of firework products from Sivakasi is available for the customers. Sivakasi is famous for its ample variety of firecracker manufacturing and sale. But in the recent years, the sale of Sivakasi fireworks that is our Indian firework sale has fallen greatly. It was not realized at first and the government took steps to find out what was the fault.


The ultimate answer to it was the sale of Chinese fireworks which were brought illegally and sold in India. Investigations are carried out leading to complete examination of the happening. As a result of the investigation, shocking information was found out. Chinese firecrackers are made out of potassium chlorate which is highly hazardous. Chinese fireworks are mostly not wrapped in a perfect manner and hence leak possibilities are high.

Even a small spark of fire will make a blast in a second since potassium chlorate is very sensitive in nature. Potassium chlorate is very low in cost for about 50 rupees per kg. Due to low cost, potassium chlorate is vastly used in Chinese firecrackers. For marketing firework products, low price thus becomes an easy trick for smugglers to grab customers. Innocent people don’t know the seriousness of the chemical and are buying it regularly.
The Central government on knowing the facts of Chinese Firecrackers banned it in India in 2014. But secret plans and smuggling activities are taking place in many places in India. Due to which Chinese fireworks are bought at low cost by the people from illegal sellers. As a consequence, original Indian firecrackers are not marketed goodly among the populace. Last year, even though it was Diwali time, Sivakasi firework sales were not so good. Loss of about 2500 crores was estimated after the account of Diwali. It was a major breakdown for all the industries in Sivakasi. At the same time, there was an abundant heap of fireworks sold all around India. It was really a terrible happening and a great degradation of the economy of India.

How to Avoid Chinese Crackers India?

As a good citizen of India, one should know to differentiate between our Indian product and Chinese firework product. Indian Product will have the manufacturer name with complete address. Also, the product cost of India is costlier than Chinese. Indian people try to buy goods at low prices. The government is taking necessary steps in avoiding Chinese crackers in India by periodic checking and investigating import and export products. Trading is an important activity of India in increasing the wealth of the nation. But the major drawback is the lack of surveillance and security management in some areas of India. The illegal criminals find their way through those loopholes for their business.
The government has seriously engaged itself in prohibiting the offensive action. Recently, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and Customs department have got a huge bulk of illegal imports to India. At the end of the checking, it was found to be imported from China. In spite of banning Chinese fireworks, the quantity seized was very excessive than got during the last year. It was completely shocking for the officials of Customs department as well as for the citizens of India. Although the government is taking steps in its own way, we need to be careful with our own safety. Smugglers are increasing day by day, so it is our duty to be cautious in buying products.
In order to create awareness, several videos, and pictures of the effect of Chinese crackers has also been released. An easy way of finding the difference through the naked eye is with the burst. Chinese fireworks bang faster and with a louder sound than our Indian fireworks. That is because of the toxic perchlorates and potassium chlorate used which is banned in India. Every year hundreds of people die due to the burst of fireworks and hence various laws were formulated for the use of fireworks. Low cost, the big bang, and product manufacturer are the evidence of Chinese fireworks. Try to avoid using Chinese fireworks because it has killed thousands of people. Toxic materials used in those fireworks are high in amount. If you find any Chinese product try to avoid it and choose Indian product at any cause for wonderful celebration. Choose Indian fireworks for having a fun filled experience and an awesome celebration.

Diwali Festival Crackers Gift box for a Family

Diwali Festival Crackers Gift box for a Family

Diwali Crackers Gift box for a Family

Crackers Gift Box is a package for a family or a general group. It is available as a wholesale or an individual pack. Instead of buying crackers one by one for any occasion it can be got as a single package containing all the crackers in one bag. Now let us see how it is done and when all these started to happen?

Diwali Festival Crackers Gift box for a Family - Gift Pack

History of Crackers

Crackers or fireworks are made up of gunpowder, papers, paper boards, tubes and cotton threads inside it which are bulging out so as to light it. The making of firecracker started with China in the 7th century. That is the period when people invented gunpowder’s for blasting. That eventually lead to the development of crackers for celebrating their cultural festivals. The crackers are first invented for ground firing then they started to blow it into air also. That was called to be rockets. The main inspiration for the invention of rockets is their belief. They believed that bursting of fireworks would get them away from bad spirits and evil happenings. Thus leading to glory and wealth of the country.

Following that many other countries began to start inventing different types of fireworks depending on their creativity. Their innovation was tremendous and magnanimous. After few centuries it became the tradition for most of the countries to light crackers and burst it with fun. This is how the fireworks came into human life.

Are There Varieties Available with Fireworks?

Yes, it is Cracker means a thing which is designed to burst out with loud sound. It is referred as cracker since it cracks out of an enclosed box with papers congested in it. Generally, crackers are of different sizes and shapes. The differentiation is also based on the type of bursting it undergoes. That is burst can be in the form of smoke, flames, twinkles, sparks and of course with noise. There are different varieties of crackers. They include sparklers, twinkling stars, flower pots, ground chakkars, cartoons, snake tablets, color matches, color torch matches, kit kat, bijlis, chorras, etc. All these crackers blooms with many colours like blue, silver, green, yellow, red, etc.

Crackers are used as a major element in celebrating any occasion. The occasion may include all festivals of different religions, any political celebration, marriages and also for other cultural religious purposes. Especially crackers are the essential and the most widely used for enjoyment during Diwali in India and for Christmas in other foreign nations.

Available as Gift Box

The crackers which are available in the market can be bought by providing money. The fireworks can be got as whole from whole sale market. Also the crackers can be got in small boxes depending upon our requirement which is called as Gift boxes. Gift Packs are designed to fulfill the people’s enjoyment and fun. Gift Boxes are available in different rates ranging from 200 rupees to about 10,000 rupees. Above that the fireworks are got in big boxes.

Nowadays everyone has changed to the internet world even the fireworks can be got through online shopping. Traders from Sivakasi are selling their fireworks through internet. Not only the traders from Sivakasi but also from different districts of Tamilnadu. Each gift box is created for giving surprise to the people who buys it. Sivakasi is famous for this gift box sale. It is because the district of Sivakasi is famous for its fireworks. It is the district which involves in mass production of fireworks.

Special gift packs are available in online shopping by Sivakasi traders. Those include

  • Children festival fireworks
  • Youth festival fireworks
  • Thaalam festival fireworks
  • VIP festival fireworks

These gift boxes are now added recently in online. This was developed due to the great response from the buyers and also retailers.


In this gift box, there will be 24 different products and almost 100 pieces of fireworks will be present in a single box. This is mainly created for the kids to have fun and great celebration. So, it contains lots of color fountains and showers especially to attract them a lot. The fireworks also contain pictures of different superheroes and cartoons like Chota Bheem, BEN10, Spiderman, etc. This will make them to buy it with enthusiasm.


This was mainly created in order to satisfy the needs of the youngsters around everywhere. In this gift box, there are about 28 crackers that will have the associated functions for it individually. These fireworks produce more sound that will make the youth community crazy for it. These are the gift boxes which are sold to a great extent. Since these are being cracked everywhere for whatever festival being celebrated.


This festival contains nearly 40 different products in each box. For every box there are about 100 pieces of those different products. The specialty of this gift box produces different sounds of music. This can be used for all kinds of festivals. People of all age groups love to crack these fireworks into space.


VIP crackers are a combination of all types of fireworks. The different types which are coagulated are colors, sound and burst of joy. In this gift box, there are about 35 different products and it will contain more than 100 pieces in each one. They were mainly created and designed with the aim of displaying different colors in the sky.

Similarly there are different traders who are having different special gift boxes available on their website. Mostly this is done by the Sivakasi firework traders.


There are different packs for different prices. For instance if we take for Rs.750, these are the fireworks available in a gift box. They are

Electric sparklers           — 1 box

Color sparklers              — 1 box

Puppy chakkar              — 1 box

Twinkling star               — 1 box

Buffet bomb                            — 1 box

3 1/2 lakshmi cracker     — 1 box

2 1/2 kuruvi                             — 1 box

assorted cartoons           — 1 box

electric stone                  — 1 box

7″ Pencil                        — 1 box

28 chorraa                     — 1 box

Red bijili(100)                — 1 box

chota express                 — 1 box

snake tablet                    — 1 box

Roll caps                        — 1 box

judo matches                  — 1 box

super deluxe matches       — 1 box

This is the primary box sold. Almost all the types of fireworks are covered in this box. Fireworks Store also sells the Crackers Gift Box with varieties and you can buy crackers online.

If we double these products it is sold for about 900 rupees. Flower pots, Lakshmi Cracker, Chorras and Chakkars of different sizes are added to this list in that box. Each gift box contains 1 box of each type.

Similarly, there are different gift boxes available for money which is being doubled and doubled for each addition. So, depending upon the price the amount of crackers included will differ. All the giftboxes are designed for the purpose of having a enormous amount of joy.

Fireworks are the crackers which symbolizes the celebration of festival all around the world. So, such important thing can be given as in the form of giftbox by gifting. Giftboxes not only create surprises but also gives additional happiness and strong bonding among relatives.So, everyone can present giftboxes to their beloved ones to express their love and affection.

Author: Rajkumar kanagaraj