Diwali in Various Parts of India

Diwali in Various Parts of India

Diwali in Various Parts of India

Diwali is basically an ancient Hindu festival celebrated for five days all over India. But the way in which it is celebrated differs from one state to another. Also, according to the type of religion it varies. So, let us now see how this festival of lights is celebrated at different states of India.


In Tamil Nadu, people use to enjoy Diwali with pleasure and happiness. Here they celebrate this festival for three days. On the first day, they celebrate Dhanteras through which they invite goddess Lakshmi into their homes. On the second day, the day when demon Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna was celebrated as actual Diwali. People buy crackers, new clothes and make sweets which they present before God to praise them. Also sharing of the sweets they made to their neighbours, friends and family. Then during night everybody burst bonkers in order to express their happiness. The third day is also followed by continuity the same celebration. Everything is done to attain wealth and prosperity.

Diwali in Various Parts of India - Tamil Nadu


Kannada people have special importance to Diwali. They usually celebrate the festival on the first and third days of the function. They call this festival as Ashwin Krishna Chaturdashi. It was named so because this marks the celebration of the death of the cruel demon. It was believed that lord Krishna took oil bath after he killed the asura(demon). So, people also follow the same by taking oil bath and they will worship the goddess, Lakshmi. This celebration denotes the change of darkness to light.

The third day is called as Bali padyami for kannadigas. On that day, women will put rangoli all over the pathways as like in the previous two days. They clean their houses, mop it and fill the entire house with spiritual fragrance by using agarbathis. This day is dedicated for the remembrance of king Bali. Then followed by thulasi pooja.


When we come to Maharastra Hindu and Jain people celebrate Diwali for all the five days with lots of fun and love. In their custom and traditions, they start with the first festival called Vasubaras. On this day, they will wash and decorate their cows and take aarthi to them as well as its calf followed by applying tilaks on the forehead of them. This is done in regards to symbolise the mother and baby relationship. Then as in the case with actual Diwali they will make sweets, worship goddess Lakshmi and distribute sweets among everyone they please. Diwali is empty without illuminating the dark night with different colors of fireworks. Enjoyment continues on the last day.

The customs followed in Maharastra is mostly followed in many other parts of North India like Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and few other states of North India.

Diwali in Various Parts of India - Maharastra Vasubaras


People of the West Bengal celebrate Diwali for all the five days. They too celebrate Diwali for the denouement of demon Narakasura by Mahakali. They all believe more in goddess kali. So, they make sweets and offers it to kalidevi in accordance to enjoy the victory. The five-day function covers the dark skies into colorful skies with beautiful lights of crackers.


In Orissa, they celebrate Diwali by worshipping goddess Lakshmi in a different way. Here they show their love and gratitude towards their ancestors who they believe to be in heaven by doing tarpan for them. Tarpan means to do poojas to them for their souls to attain peace (Shanthi). These tarpans are made up of rice, jaggery, water, etc. The tarpans are also offered to goddess Lakshmi in some areas. Whereas in some areas of Orissa, tarpans are presented to god kali. The celebration happens in this way.


There is a similar type of¬† celebration taking place as in other states, but the here narration of the story of Lord Krishna who killed a demon was done musically through songs. Hence to enhance the beauty of Diwali, idols of Sathya Bama are kept and offered prayers. Sathyabama was lord Krishna’s consort. Apart from the above happenings, all the other customs are same.


A celebration of Diwali starts first in Gujarat before commencing in all other states. They also celebrate this function for five days. Diwali falls at the beginning of Gujarati new year. Since it falls on that auspicious day, there is a double enlightenment for Gujarati people. The celebration starts with Dhanteras followed by Naraka Chaturdashi and ends with Bhai beej.

Mannerism in which Diwali celebration takes place may differ, but the main theme is an enjoyment of festival with lights. Diwali not only take people to the happiness like in heaven but also make our mother nature very beautiful and glorious.

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