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Only Firecrackers Harmful to the Environment - Fireworks Store India

Only Firecrackers Harmful to the Environment?

Firecrackers bursting is a resemblance of joy and fun. There’s no that much big harm caused by the fireworks. Fireworks bursting is a common and traditional activity done during Diwali. But many people are rising with thoughts like banning of fireworks during Diwali. That is because Diwali is the only day on which lakhs and lakhs of crackers are being burst. Here, in this post, you will be finding out the reasons to ban fireworks and also the reasons for not to burn fireworks. Just scroll down to get the detailed explanation on the issue of the ban on fireworks.

Diwali – Celebration of Victory

Diwali is a cultural festival of lights. Glorious sparkles will be found everywhere. According to Hindu Mythology, Diwali is celebrated for the victory of Krishna over Naragaasuran (demon). That is, it is the day on which the bad evil got vanished away. Hence, we celebrate that historical day with lots of happiness. Everywhere people will burst out with laughter to express their fun. Diwali is the significance of India and its holy tradition. Clothes and sweets add even more beauty to the occasion. Fireworks are the major constituents of Diwali celebration.

Safety and security also account during the Diwali enjoyment. Keeping that in mind, you should keep your surroundings and yourself safe. Another major thing which comes to mind is Unity among family. All the relations will assemble together to enhance their joy. Diwali only brings unity and happiness among family.

Why say ‘No’ to Firecrackers?

In recent days, a few unwanted speeches are booming here and there. The major talk is all about bursting of Fire Crackers during Diwali.  Many socialists and few other common persons are opposing the burst of fireworks. The reason they say is a very uncommon thought among Indian people. Can you guess what? They say that the shattering of fireworks during Diwali causes harm to the environment. The smoke from the fireworks causes spoilage of green plants’ life is the talk. It is said that the smoke from fireworks is creating pollution to the environment. this news is virally spreading all over Tamil Nadu. Also, cases are filed in court regarding the banning of firework lightening during Diwali. Few of the effects which are pointed are as follows

Fireworks pollute Atmospheric Air

Air is one of the five elements of the Mother Nature. While bursting crackers, the smoke of hazardous gasses flies up into the air. This makes the air impure and pollutes it. The pollution spoils about 50% of the air purity. Humidity in the air also gets lessened. Moreover, spreads more harmful poisonous gasses into the atmosphere. When people smoke those gasses, they get affected severely. Also, many diseases try to catch people easily with the hazards. Exploding items like bombs and burster create more and more smoke which spoils the entire area. Some people are polluting the nature by hanging firecrackers on trees. By doing that, the living tree gets affected.  Firecrackers bring the problem to human as well as nature.

Noise Pollution

The noise primarily gives irritation to many people. During Diwali, there will be burst of firecrackers all around and hence it produces more sound. Especially fireworks like Atom bomb create boom sound that threatens people. Many heart patients and old age people are living everywhere. If they are put in this bad situation, it creates serious health issues. So, in order to prevent such problems, a common solution was found. The Government of India ordered not to burst firecrackers after 10 PM at night. This has been in practice for the past four to five years. Even after the Supreme Court result, many are trying to burst at night. That thoroughly disturbs the people who are asleep. Fireworks create a massive noise pollution.

Heating Up of Earth’s Atmosphere – Global Warming

Global Warming is a major issue which is identified in the recent years. Due to the heavy global warming, even ozone layer depletion has occurred. Can you imagine which made way to Global warming? It is us who made the earth cry. Global warming is nothing but the heating of Earth’s Atmosphere. A major cause of global warming is hazardous gas release into the atmosphere. Fireworks are blow up and damage the purity of air. Also, the gases will make the nature weak and even causes death. The death of many trees will lead to the increase of Earth’s temperature. That eventually lead to the ozone depletion and enhanced the global warming. Fireworks are contributing more to the Global warming with its dangerous smokes.

Fire Accidents Are More Common

Catching fire is very easy. A single spark can clean up the whole city. Only the materials and gases which can catch fire should be kept out of reach easily. One such material is the Firecracker. Firecrackers are fired during many occasions. But Diwali is one big function where a huge usage of Firecrackers. Eco-friendly fireworks are very rare. During Diwali, one hot news that will be heard here and there are fire accidents. Fireworks can catch fire within a second. So, to be careful is really very important. Fire accidents are increasing every year during Diwali. Even in this month of October, there is a big fire accident at Sivakasi which killed 8 people and injured many people. Fire accidents are heard before Diwali itself. It is expected that the Fire accidents increase extremely during Diwali.

Garbage – Wastes of Fireworks

Waste disposal is really a necessary act for every family. Not only a family but also in every place where human work, wastes are common. Biodegradable and non-Biodegradable wastes are separately collected and processed in our country. Plastic is one of the most dangerous wastes which can even kill people. It won’t degrade but can be reused. Plastic combined with fire is very bad for health. With this bad scenario, already people are getting affected more. Adding to that, Fireworks are also creating its own issue. Only during Diwali season, Firework bursting is very high. Thus, too many garbage wastes will be piled up all over. These garbage wastes are very bad and also damages the cleanliness of the environment. More garbage with more fireworks is also one of the problems.

Considering all the above points, people say that Fireworks should be banned in India. Also, Fireworks are the major pollutants of the environment and hence has to be considered seriously. These are the lines which always arise during Diwali season. Even some speak throughout the year about the banning of fireworks during Diwali. Another line which they say is , “Diwali can be celebrated well with family rather than using Firecrackers”. On the whole, Diwali is a day of celebration and it does not depend on any crackers for that is what they say all about.

Fireworks – Not The Major Cause Of Danger To The Environment

Generally, when we think about an action we need to think both the good and the bad. Keeping only the bad things will always guide us to the wrong way. It is completely wrong to show attitude in these things. Care towards environment rises only during Diwali for some people. Actually, Diwali is not only a day of celebration, it is the day of complete contentment. People rejoice in as many ways as they could during these days. Why the people worrying about nature is not caring about the people’s Happiness. A three to four days of enjoyment in burning crackers is not the only cause for all the reasons said before. It only unites and brings joyousness to the human kind. There are several other reasons which really makes the harmful to the Environment.

Is Burning of Firecrackers (fireworks) Really Causing damage to the Environment?

The banning of Fireworks during Diwali brings only little damage to the environment compared to the other causes. Considering only Diwali crackers alone is not fair. Many other issues are there which are the real villains to the environment. You can find those disgusting causes below

Automobile Gas Discharge

With the increasing trends and Technology, usage of automobiles had increased in number. Everywhere traffics are jamming the passage of moves. The emission of automobile gases has also reached great heights as a result. The Carbon monoxide gas coming out from the vehicles will spoil the atmospheric air. The pure air gets damaged a lot and thereby causes air pollution. The air we breathe has also turned to be extremely dangerous.  Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world, has also changed its color from bright white because of the heavy air pollution at Agra.  Automobile gas discharge is a very important cause of Global warming and ozone layer depletion. The temperature of Earth has increased by 5% compared to the last year and is expected to increase even more. Compared to this, damage of Diwali firework to the environment is very less.

Industrial Hazardous Smoke Emission

In India, Industrialization is a major accumulation everywhere. Many multinational companies, as well as industries, are growing heights in the last ten years. With the improvement of industrialization, the degradation of nature has also started. The discharges of gases from the industries are very high and they tend to mingle with the natural gas. Also, Deforestation is the only tool which was taken to develop the industries. Only if we lose one, we can gain one. That is the thing we humans are following. But for our sake, we are killing the lives of many trees. It’s really a sin to do all this. Deforestation is another major cause of global warming and thus cause damage to our Mother Earth. We are  destroying the wealth of our Mother Earth to save our lives. Compared to this bad attitude of man towards Nature, firecracker damage is very less. Kodaikanal industrial damage

One of the best examples is the Kodaikanal mercury poisoning which created a massive natural pollution. Thermometer factory was set up at Kodaikanal and mercury is its major constituent. The company was owned by Hindustan Unilever and also a part of Pond’s India before. Around 2001, many workers experienced the problem of kidney disorders.Tamil Nadu Alliance Against Mercury (TNAAC) clarified that the company disposes the mercury illegally into the environment. Keeping the nature in mind, the organization was shut down thereafter.

Festival Bursts And Natural Disposal

Apart from Diwali, Firecrackers are burnt for several functions. A simple example is the Temple festival which occurs then and there at many areas. During a temple festival, lots of crackers are burnt. That happens even for a long time of about ten days sometimes. Why are people not considering such a big event of burning crackers as a reason for natural damage? Also, the garbage burns at the roadsides happening every day causes large smoke. That smoke mixes with the atmospheric air. If the garbage contains some plastic, that when mixed with fire produces dangerous smoke. Even that smog is not considered as a cause for natural damage.

Most importantly the methane gas problem which is dangerous of all. Methane gas is the  second gas of the greenhouse effect which stands badly after carbon dioxide. Methane gas production is undergoing in many industries in India. Methane severely spoils our Mother Nature’s bounty. But Methane is considered very important and precious nowadays. Diwali Firework damage to the environment is very minute compared to all.

Diwali – A Day of Celebration And Not A Cause Of Destruction

Good or bad depends on our view. Don’t see the minor damages and look into the major advantages. Happiness with satisfaction is the feeling which we try to achieve every day. Diwali is one such day which blooms with happiness and creates a lot of fun. The bursting of fireworks is a traditional custom which has been followed for centuries together. Demolishing the tradition at once is not possible with just a word. Fireworks are just burst to express our fun and increase our happiness. Just imagine a Diwali without cracker bursts. It will be really like the same day as today with you sitting with TV or mobile to see new programs. That’s It. No Fireworks No Enjoyment during Diwali.

Fireworks are the first to be remembered when we say ‘Diwali’. Three to four days of firework usage will surely not cause a huge damage. But on the other hand, there are small amounts of destruction caused when you take the whole country. The banning of fireworks during Diwali is the necessity means you need to stop it during other festivals also. It includes the marriages, political meetings, temple festivals and so on. Think clear and be practical before you engage yourself into something.

Diwali in Various Parts of India

Diwali in Various Parts of India

Diwali in Various Parts of India

Diwali is basically an ancient Hindu festival celebrated for five days all over India. But the way in which it is celebrated differs from one state to another. Also, according to the type of religion it varies. So, let us now see how this festival of lights is celebrated at different states of India.


In Tamil Nadu, people use to enjoy Diwali with pleasure and happiness. Here they celebrate this festival for three days. On the first day, they celebrate Dhanteras through which they invite goddess Lakshmi into their homes. On the second day, the day when demon Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna was celebrated as actual Diwali. People buy crackers, new clothes and make sweets which they present before God to praise them. Also sharing of the sweets they made to their neighbours, friends and family. Then during night everybody burst bonkers in order to express their happiness. The third day is also followed by continuity the same celebration. Everything is done to attain wealth and prosperity.

Diwali in Various Parts of India - Tamil Nadu


Kannada people have special importance to Diwali. They usually celebrate the festival on the first and third days of the function. They call this festival as Ashwin Krishna Chaturdashi. It was named so because this marks the celebration of the death of the cruel demon. It was believed that lord Krishna took oil bath after he killed the asura(demon). So, people also follow the same by taking oil bath and they will worship the goddess, Lakshmi. This celebration denotes the change of darkness to light.

The third day is called as Bali padyami for kannadigas. On that day, women will put rangoli all over the pathways as like in the previous two days. They clean their houses, mop it and fill the entire house with spiritual fragrance by using agarbathis. This day is dedicated for the remembrance of king Bali. Then followed by thulasi pooja.


When we come to Maharastra Hindu and Jain people celebrate Diwali for all the five days with lots of fun and love. In their custom and traditions, they start with the first festival called Vasubaras. On this day, they will wash and decorate their cows and take aarthi to them as well as its calf followed by applying tilaks on the forehead of them. This is done in regards to symbolise the mother and baby relationship. Then as in the case with actual Diwali they will make sweets, worship goddess Lakshmi and distribute sweets among everyone they please. Diwali is empty without illuminating the dark night with different colors of fireworks. Enjoyment continues on the last day.

The customs followed in Maharastra is mostly followed in many other parts of North India like Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and few other states of North India.

Diwali in Various Parts of India - Maharastra Vasubaras


People of the West Bengal celebrate Diwali for all the five days. They too celebrate Diwali for the denouement of demon Narakasura by Mahakali. They all believe more in goddess kali. So, they make sweets and offers it to kalidevi in accordance to enjoy the victory. The five-day function covers the dark skies into colorful skies with beautiful lights of crackers.


In Orissa, they celebrate Diwali by worshipping goddess Lakshmi in a different way. Here they show their love and gratitude towards their ancestors who they believe to be in heaven by doing tarpan for them. Tarpan means to do poojas to them for their souls to attain peace (Shanthi). These tarpans are made up of rice, jaggery, water, etc. The tarpans are also offered to goddess Lakshmi in some areas. Whereas in some areas of Orissa, tarpans are presented to god kali. The celebration happens in this way.


There is a similar type of  celebration taking place as in other states, but the here narration of the story of Lord Krishna who killed a demon was done musically through songs. Hence to enhance the beauty of Diwali, idols of Sathya Bama are kept and offered prayers. Sathyabama was lord Krishna’s consort. Apart from the above happenings, all the other customs are same.


A celebration of Diwali starts first in Gujarat before commencing in all other states. They also celebrate this function for five days. Diwali falls at the beginning of Gujarati new year. Since it falls on that auspicious day, there is a double enlightenment for Gujarati people. The celebration starts with Dhanteras followed by Naraka Chaturdashi and ends with Bhai beej.

Mannerism in which Diwali celebration takes place may differ, but the main theme is an enjoyment of festival with lights. Diwali not only take people to the happiness like in heaven but also make our mother nature very beautiful and glorious.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia, timesofindia

Author of Diwali in Various Parts of India: Rajkumar Kanagaraj Google+

Celebration of Diwali Border Security Forces

Celebration of Diwali (Deepavali) – Festival of Lights

Celebration of Diwali

Diwali (or) Deepavali as the name indicates, it is the “festival of lights” celebrated all over India. Basically, it is a Hindu festival celebrated during autumn every year. Diwali glorifies the victory of lights. Diwali is celebrated for five solid days. It is celebrated even by other religion people with joy all over India.


During Diwali, people show their unity by having all their family members grouped together in one place. People who celebrate this festival will make sweets of different varieties. Then they wear new clothes and worship Goddess by presenting all the sweets before it. Even some people present crackers before God and do pray. The only difference is that they will worship different gods each day. All these are done to attain wealth and prosperity.

Diwali is celebrated for five days and each day has its own importance. Let us now discuss the traditions followed on each day.

Celebration of Diwali Border Security Forces

Celebration of Diwali: 1st day (Dhanteras)

The first day of a Diwali festival is called Dhanatrayodadashi or Dhanavantare Trayodasi. ‘Dhan’ means wealth and ‘tera’ means the 13th day of the month Karthikai which is the lunar day of the dark fortnight.

On the day of Dhanteras, people worship Goddess Lakshmi for providing all the wealth and well-being. As a custom, people buy precious metals like gold that day. Lord Kubera who is the god of assets is also worshipped for their prosperity.

People believe in God and they lit lamp to worship Goddess Lakshmi. By doing so, they invite DhanaLakshmi that is wealth into their houses. Prayers are done by singing devotional songs. After all the prayers, people will share the sweets which were made and presented to God, with their neighbors, friends and family. In this way, all the happiness begins.

Celebration of Diwali: 2nd day (Naraka Chaturdasi)

Also called as Roop Chaturdashi is a festival celebrated by Hindus on the second day of Diwali. The history of Diwali says that the demon Narakasura was killed by Lord Krishna and kali on those days which ultimately lead to the victory of lights.

On this day, god is prayed with flowers and delicacies. In Tamil Nadu, the second day is celebrated as actual Diwali whereas in other states of India, it is on the new moon night. On that day, people will get up early in the morning, take oil baths, do poojas and burst crackers.

Celebration of Diwali: 3rd day (Diwali)

Except for Tamil Nadu, all the other states celebrate this day as actual Diwali. People will get up early, take oil baths and fill all their pathways with rangoli. All the people wear new clothes and worship Goddess Lakshmi. The delicacies they offer to God are made up of rice which is taken from the recent harvest. In Tamil Nadu, they celebrate Diwali for 3 days or maximum up to 4 days.

Celebration of Diwali Satelite Images

Celebration of Diwali: 4th day

This day is dedicated to the relationship between the family members especially between a wife and a husband. They make and break the family. Mutual understanding, care and sharing are the important aspects between the husband and wife. Such beautiful values are given respect and the bond between them is shown off on that day.

Celebration of Diwali: 5th day (BHAU – BEEJ)

Bhau-Beej is a festival celebrated on this day by Hindus in the northern part of India and also in Nepal. The celebrations on this day are like Raksha Bandhan which is celebrated to show the bonding between a brother and a sister. Girls, whether they are having the brother or not, will tie the band to the boys they think as brothers. The contrast to Raksha Bandhan here is that sisters will present gifts to their brothers. This festival is celebrated because according to Hindu Mythology after the demon was assassinated by Lord Krishna, he visited his sister Subhadra. She applied tilak on Krishna’s forehead. Following this, girls celebrating this day also apply tilak on their brother’s forehead.

In this manner, Diwali is celebrated all over India. Not only the Indians in India alone celebrate it but also the Indians all the parts of the world celebrate it with joy.

Celebration of Diwali - Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali, Read the post Safety Rules to Follow on Diwali to have a safe Diwali.

Image Curtesy: Pinterest, Natarajank.

Author of Celebration of Diwali: Rajkumar Kanagaraj Google+

Safety Rules to Follow on Diwali Bursting Crackers

Safety Rules to Follow on Diwali (Deepavali)

Safety Measures for a Safe and Satisfied Diwali

Diwali is an ancient festival celebrated in India to enjoy the victory of lights. New Clothes, Sweets, Crackers are adding beauty to the festival. People used to buy crackers and burst it during night time with fun for all the five days of Diwali. Diwali brings an incomparable smile on every face. Good and bad always join hands in any action. Similarly, Diwali is equally good as that of bad. It totally depends on ourselves to make the situation to be good or bad. Diwali isn’t about only the happiness of celebration but there are risks too. Many people tend to forget the dangers that may be possible to occur. Here is a short note on the safety and security rules to be followed during Diwali. Stay safe and be happy.

Is it due to the carelessness of the people?

Yes, it is because many people enjoy the function, but they forget the real risks which are hidden under it.

Safety and Security tips for enlightened Celebration of Diwali

Safety is an important criterion when it comes to any act. Whatever action we engage may be, the safety and security are merely important. One such an occasion where safety is an ultimate need is Diwali. Diwali is a traditional festival which brings live to colors. There will be sparkling colors all around during Diwali. Everybody in a family will participate in the event of Diwali. Diwali brings unity and happiness within a family. The most enjoying people are the kids who roam around with crackers here and there. So, it’s really necessary to know about the safety measures and react according to it.

Diwali Compulsories – Do’s

Here are some of the must do safety measures that will guide you to celebrate a safe Diwali.

  • Buy new clothes, share sweets with your neighbors, family and friends happily. This will strengthen your deep relationship with your surroundings.
  • Buy crackers how much ever you want but they should be got from a good licensed shop. Be sure to check whether the shops have licensed or not.
  • The crackers should be kept in a place away from water usage areas like the kitchen. If water splashes then that will make it unfit to use.
  • Make sure that you display the fireworks such that specified by the manufacturer on the box.
  • The crackers should be kept in a space away from preteens.
  • On the day of Diwali, wear cotton clothing which is thick enough and also foot wears. This they because it will not get fired soon.
  • Quality products should be used by us at any cause. So, buy the fireworks from authorized dealers or you may directly approach the manufacturers for purchase.
  • While igniting the crackers, have in mind that the matches, incense sticks or sparklers should be kept two to three feet away from your face and body.
  • As soon as crackers are ignited, you should get a few meters away from it so that the sparks of fire will not harm your eyes or body.
  • Don’t let any of your family children to light the fireworks by their own. Supervise them to avoid accidents.
  • You can wear any eye glasses in order to protect yourself from fire sparks.
  • It is advisable to use only an Agarbathi to light the firework.
  • While burning some fireworks, the others should be surely kept closed in a closed box so that if any tiny spark hits it may cause a great disaster.
  • One firework at a time is quite sufficient since it may lead to fire accidents.
  • Importantly, all the enjoyment of celebration should happen in an open space like an open ground since in a crowd or congested places there are possibilities for the crackers to get into homes thereby causing major fire accidents.

Safety Rules to Follow on Diwali Bursting Crackers

Diwali Prohibitions – Don’ts

  • Never try to light the cracker while keeping it in your hand. It may cause serious health injury.
  • Don’t roam around without shoes or slippers. There are chances for you to step on to any burnt piece of hot firework.
  • Carrying firecrackers in your pockets or in hand is highly dangerous and should be avoided.
  • Avoid wearing loose outfits in order to have comfort and convenience.
  • Never play with fireworks and don’t try to throw it on anyone for fun also.
  • Metals as well as glass containers should not be used for shooting any cracker.
  • Don’t try to take the burnt crackers from down since there are chances of them being hot.
  • Cigarette smoking is injurious to health and dangerous to other also. Particularly, Smoking nearby crackers is very bad and should not be done.
  • Half ignited crackers should be left as such. You should not take it light it again for the other half.
  • Fireworks are really very dangerous to small babies and toddlers. Make them stay away from the place of bursting.
  • Make sure you light your flying objects like rockets away from houses since it may destroy houses.
  • Bursting of crackers is highly prohibited late night and you shouldn’t attempt to do it.
  • Wash your hands after bursting all the crackers for the day with sanitizer.
  • Don’t keep the fireworks closer to you while bursting.

Diwali – The festival of colorful lights

The above mentioned points are the most important and the mandatory safety rules to be followed by every person who is involved in Diwali celebration. Diwali is a day of celebration and unity. Try to avoid unnecessary mistakes to keep away from life destroying dangers. Follow the rules and regulations to keep you and your family safe year after year. Hope you abide by the rules to have a happy Diwali. Have a secure Diwali this year with lots of fun and enjoyment. Happy Diwali wishes from Fireworks Store India.

Author of Safety Rules to Follow on Diwali: Rajkumar Kanagaraj Google+