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Celebrations always begin and end with happiness. Firecracker is a joy-building element that offers additional enjoyment to every celebration of yours. But do we use firecrackers for all sorts of celebrations? Definitely not, only a few noteworthy celebrations hold fireworks as a part of it. Out of which, traditional festivals, marriage functions, parties and political meetings are worth to be mentioned. If you want to buy the best quality Sivakasi Crackers or Sivakasi fireworks at reasonable rates, Fireworks store is your perfect choice.

We, Fireworks store India, sell the finest range of original Sivakasi crackers. Sivakasi is pointed out because it is the land of firecrackers. It is the only district in Tamilnadu which manufactures firecrackers 24×7 all around the year. Even though many other districts in Tamilnadu manufacture fireworks, Sivakasi firecrackers are unbeatable in terms of quality. Now, let us see few other effective points to be kept in mind before and after buying Sivakasi fireworks. I hope so the forthcoming parts will offer you information more than you wanted to celebrate your occasions in a happy manner.

How Sivakasi turned out to be “The Land of Fireworks”?

In those days before independence, people of Tamil Nadu suffered from serious poverty and unemployment. So, people from our state began to travel to other states like Kolkata in need of livelihood. After gaining ample amount of knowledge in making matches, two men called P Ayya Nadar and his brother Shanmuga Nadar returned back to Tamil and incorporated the techniques in their own district. And, that’s how the two famous brands named to be “Ayyan” and “Anil” emerged. This act of the brothers motivated people residing at Sivakasi.

After few decades, the number of match industries doubled, tripled and finally reached 640 in 2001. This happened only because the field was more lucrative than other industries like weaving and all. And now, Sivakasi has become the pioneer in producing good quality fireworks in India and is known for it. Sivakasi crackers are trustworthy to buy and burst. Don’t get misguided by local merchants or Chinese fireworks, avail the best quality India made Sivakasi Crackers from “Fireworks Store India”.

Sivakasi Fireworks Online
Sivakasi Fireworks Online

Say ‘NO’ to Chinese Fireworks!

Firecrackers are not dangerous if the quality is good. When bursting crackers, at many instances you would have found out the crackers bursting out within a second. At some times, it would have even got you an injury in some way. Most of us generally ignore that and go for the next one. The hidden reason behind the scene is the poor quality. So, quality is an essential and the most important factor to be considered especially with Fireworks.

Even now, we have illegally imported Chinese fireworks in Indian markets which are absolutely dangerous to people because of its very poor quality. Only the innocent people like you are actually getting affected with Chinese fireworks and so your choice should be wise enough. You should be aware of the fact and develop the knowledge of differentiating things, particularly with fireworks.

Here is a page for you that describes “Why should we avoid Chinese firecrackers?” and I hope so that will give you the perfect idea behind your virtualization. Don’t get carried away with outer beauty, buy our India made fireworks to let your happiness bloom.

Follow these Safety Rules to have a Secured Celebration!

After purchasing all your favorite Sivakasi fireworks, the first thing to do is to keep it in a safe place. The place should be out of the reach of Children, not be close to any electrical appliances and should be kept covered tightly. This precautionary measure can help you and your family to feel safe & secure. Once you get ready to light the fireworks, you must see to that there is a bucket of water nearby to put the burnt fireworks inside. Whatever may be the situation you shouldn’t allow your kids to burst firecrackers alone. Stay with them to get rid of unnecessary fire injuries.

The above-said information is few main rules to be followed before bursting fireworks. There are quite a lot of dos and don’ts which when read will give you a clear idea on how to burst fireworks with safety. To have a knowledge on the entire list of safety rules to be followed to burst Sivakasi Fireworks, have a glance at this page – “Safety Rules to Follow on Diwali (Deepavali)“.

Buy Sivakasi crackers, Sivakasi Fireworks to Enjoy your Occasions!

Fireworks uncover the happiness & burst out your joy into colors. Starting from young to old, everyone loves to light firecrackers into the sky. Usually, when will we buy crackers online? Only before some celebration begin. It can be either a family celebration or a public occasion. Some of the common & the most occasions to be mentioned are Diwali, Inauguration, Temple festivals, Marriages and finally for political meetings. The only motive behind buying fireworks is to transform the celebration into more enjoyable & a fun filled one.

Buy Sivakasi Crackers Online
Buy Sivakasi Crackers Online

Whatever occasion you may buy for, the service should be acceptable irrespective of the season. Only the best fireworks can afford you the hearty happiness. To buy the best quality India made Sivakasi Crackers at any time and from any place within India, Fireworks Store India is your perfect option. With all sorts of fireworks at reasonable rates, we stand out to be the best fireworks provider in Chennai in terms of both quality and quantity. Our Major advantages are

  •    High Quality
  •    Unexpected Quantity
  •    All top brand fireworks available
  •    Cheap rates
  •    24/7 customer service
  •    Online shopping facility
  •    Easy payment system
  •    Right Time delivery

Fireworks Store India opens the window to a vast range of fireworks. Select your favorite and add to your cart with ease. Since we also have Cash on Delivery (COD) option for particular area, you can avail it as and when you require. If not, pay through the online system and get your product delivered at the right time to your doorstep. For more queries regarding purchase or availability, you can very well make a call to Fireworks Store Team at +91 7092863904. Buy original India made Sivakasi crackers from “Fireworks store India” to experience the pleasure of shopping from home. visit our Facebook Page “Fireworks Store” to get touch with us. Fireworks Store India Top rated on 4.8 / 5 from 17 Google+Reviews

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